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In 2014, my husband was deployed to Afghanistan and it was at that point I was suddenly out of my normal corporate job and a bit bored at home.  I had to do something while Ben was away, I struggled for years to find a path.  I decided to lean into what brought joy art and project management!

In 2020, I launched the Positive Painters for artists who recognize the old ways are out the door and we have to pioneer a digital path to sell art and thrive using processes and procedures I used in the corporate world.  It's amazing how easily time management, standard operating procedures, budgeting, and forecasting align with art business practices!  

The Positive Painters Art Business Membership and Community is the place for artists to grow, inspire, motivate and create.

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In addition to various juried art shows, here is a listing of accomplishments I'm most excited about as a female artist:

  • Powerful Women In Business Award 2021
  • Best of 2020 and 2021
  • Huntsville Art League People's Choice Award
  • Featured Artist at Huntsville Art League
  • Featured Artist at the Greater Huntsville Humane Society Dog Ball
  • Featured Artist Gallery Show at The Lambert Gallery of Art
  • Featured Artist at the Linus Gallery 

This is me....Artist, Wife, Mother, Bottlewasher :) 

I wasn't always an artist, as it is defined by society, but I can say I have always been creative.  I loved to draw, paint, sew, refurbish furniture, paint murals, make jewelry, sculpt - all the things!  

Doing things with my hands relaxes my mind.

  I found my first oil painting teacher in 2001.  

That oil painting class became the best part of every week.  I couldn't wait to get to the class!  It would take me 45 minutes to drive to her house after work, and 1.5 hours to drive home in Atlanta traffic.  But it fueled me. 

Over the next 14 years, I painted as much as I could.  I would even take vacation days to join workshops.  The whole time I thought "God, if only I could do this for a living I know I would be able to make a living wage with my art, I'm not sure how, but I know I could."

Then this happened...

In 2014 my husband was deployed to Afghanistan and we decided I needed to leave my corporate life to focus on our two young kids who were 5 and 7.   

 My world had completely shifted.  

 My rock was in another country and not easily accessible and I had to find a new rock - me. 

 Our kids kept me pretty busy, but not enough to keep the thoughts of war out of my head...I remember being on the floor crying because a helicopter went down and I couldn't get a hold of Ben...each day was a battle in my mind of the fight he was facing. 

Thankfully he came home, safe, happy, healthy, and whole (mind, body, and spirit)...that's what I prayed for every thought of him...

 My art became my comfort and it was through my art that I found myself, my joy, and my comfort.   

My art also provided income I hadn't expected.   It became our 'fun money, which felt so good to contribute again when I'd been used to being a major breadwinner...

Ben was deployed another time to Iraq, it was this 2nd round of my alone time where I dove deep into leading other artists.  

I was elected the Huntsville Art League President.  It was here I discovered how dark the art world can be - drugs, bad business ethics, imposter syndrome, competition, and in some cases down-right fraud.   

It was eye-opening.  

 I knew I wanted nothing to do with the world I saw at the Huntsville Art League.  Instead, I knew I needed to create a new world that supported artists.

 Now I’m doing something I never imagined over 2 decades ago. I’m helping other artists develop art businesses with processes in place so they can get their art out into the world.

In short, I help creatives who don’t know the business and technical side of art figure out how to sell online, create products with their art, market their art, and create and track their art business goals and more!

 I love helping people who are just like I was not too long ago. 

Nobody is born knowing how to sell artwork, find their niche, even talk about their art. 

 I love providing a community where artists can feel like 'here are people who get me', 'here I feel comfortable to ask for help'.  Most of us don't have a support structure that understands what it means to be an artist, and how it feels to be isolated and unsure of our next steps.   

 But the cool thing is the business side, just like the art side, it can be learned. In fact, a lot of times it’s easier for people with no experience because they don’t have to UNLEARN anything. They just need to jump into action. 

 This is super important to me because I’ve seen how much life sucks when you have a message to share and you don’t know how to get your creations to other people. 

 I’ve also seen how amazing life can be when you DO have that external validation that someone loves what you create so much that they click and buy. 

 The ability to sell your creations can literally change your life and the lives of your family members forever.

 Wow! That is so cool, right?...



That's enough about me :) As they say "the rest is history, tomorrow is a mystery" I can't wait to see what we accomplish tomorrow! 

Until next time, stay safe, happy and healthy AND happy creating!


Stephanie Weaver
*Inspire - Motivate - Create*


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