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You are just seconds away from the essential training, advice, and support you need to plan, create and grow a profitable and meaningful art business. 

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Get the Tips, Tools, and Support Every Artist Business Owner Needs To:

  • Make More Art Sales,

  • Understand Your Customer

  • Develop solid business processes so you spend less time on the business and get more time to create.

From: Stephanie
To: You

The hardest part of being in the art business is not knowing what you don't know.

Being an artist business owner is like trudging through 4 feet of snow in the middle of a snowstorm: you can't see more than 5 feet ahead of you and you are plowing through undocumented steps.

It feels isolating.

I've been there and done that. 

Then I became part of a small group of artists who talked frequently about our art, art business, our goals, our dreams - all the things. 

And that is when I discovered the value of a community of like-minded individuals.

That is exactly why I created this Online Artist Community and Art Business Membership, The Positive PaintersTM

You can grow too with the help of supportive art business owners just like you!

Because the truth of it is, there are artists who have plowed the road ahead, that have defined art business processes and know the path, you just haven't met them yet!

And that is why I created the Art Business Membership and Online Artist Community! I've designed this program to enable you to:

  • Learn the art business skills and technical tools needed to run a successful art business
  • Communicate with your fellow artists in a safe, supportive, and family-friendly, environment.
  • Discover creative paths, processes, and tools you didn't even know were available.

If you are here, you are searching for something to help you in your art career, and I can tell you, you have found your people.

I would like to invite you to check out my Art Business Membership and Online Artist Community so you can surround yourself with fellow creatives and find solutions to your challenges quickly without spending years searching, trudging for the right art business processes, and path.

If you are an artist and creative looking to make a living from your art, but you are not sure of what to do or would simply love to talk with others for support and practical guidance then you are in the right place!

Click the big green button to start today!

I am ready to grow my art business and surround myself with my fellow creative entreprenuers!!

You are the average of 5 people you engage with...

- how is that working out for you?

In the Online Artist Community and Art Business Membership you can:



I want to be more than average, I'm ready to be part of something great!

Imagine:  knowing you have the tools and support you need to build your dream art business?

Imagine feeling supported as you navigate your path in your art business.

Imagine feeling confident to start promoting your art.

Imagine the fabulous feeling of knowing what to focus on to drive towards your goals.

Imagine having more time to create now that your art business has defined processes and tools.

Imagine being in a position to outsource the tasks that don't bring you joy!

Start Living The Life You Imagine. Join Us Today.

Create The Life You Want To Lead

The 3 Pillars To Thrive As An Artist

The problem with so many artist memberships and/or communities is they only consider a single aspect of what it means to be an artist. 

You are more and need more than! 

As an artist myself, I designed this community and membership program with you in mind!  

In the Positive Painters Art Business Membership, you are provided a balanced approach of:

  • Art Education
  • Art Business Education
  • Artist Community

You can stay balanced and clear on your best path to be a thriving Artist. 

Positive Painter Artist Community

Creative Community

A positive and inclusive community of creative, color-obsessed creatives who want to connect with fellow artists and grow their art skills and art business.

Positive Painter Art Business Resources

Art Business Resources

Art Business Lunch and Learns focused on solutions.

Group Coaching Calls so you can ask questions related to your art or art business.

Positive Painter Art Motivations

Art Motivations

Monthly art motivational challenges to further your art practice and/or art business.

Art Business

Group Coaching Panel

Meet with this team of talented artists during the group coaching calls.

Art Business Coaching Panel - Jules McCullough

Jules McCullough

Jules is the founder of Julie M Studios, an illustration, and design brand. Her artwork typically incorporates vibrant, playful colors, and my designs have a modern twist. She loves to blend her hand-painted brushwork and with digital illustrations.

> Learn More About Jules
Art Business Coaching Panel - Eve Staats

Eve Staats

Eve is a Graphic Designer, Watercolor Artist, Digital Artist, and a Creative Educator. She is known for her Culturally Fluid Designs that capture the essence of Global Adventure, by reflecting subtle details from the cultures and countries she is currently exploring.

> Learn More About Eve
Art Business Coaching Panel - Stephanie Weaver

Stephanie Weaver

Stephanie is the founder of the Positive Painters Online Artist Community and Art Business Membership. She is a licensed artist and is known for her Pet Portraits that capture the sparkle in the beloved animal's eyes.

> Learn More About Stephanie

About Group Coaching Calls

Every 7 weeks the 3 artists meet with the Members of the Positive Painter Art Business Members in a group setting via Zoom to answer questions and enable artists to drive towards solutions that will enable the members to live the creative life they want to lead.

How does it work?

  • Art Business Members only (one of the many perks of being an Art Business Member)
  • Members and Panelists meet via Zoom.
  • The meeting is recorded for members not able to attend.  The recording is available in the Team area of the Art Business Library.
  • Members may submit topics/questions via the Hot Topic Form.  The form is available in the Art Business Member's Team Area and sent via email.
  • We meet every 7 weeks, 3 weeks following a Lunch and Learn.  (This gives full-time and part-time artists time to implement and contribute knowledge to the Art Business Members.)

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much"

~ Helen Keller

What you'll get:

  • Online Artist Community which includes:
    • Monthly Art Challenges/Motivations
  • Art Business Membership which includes: 
    • One-On-One Member Success Call with Stephanie Weaver 
    • Unlimited Access to the Positive Painter Online Artist Community (available on computer AND Mobile App)
    • Unlimited Access to the Art Business Resources and Courses
    • Art Business Member-Only Group Coaching Calls
    • Art Business Lunch and Learns
    • Complete Access to Online Art Tutorials
    • Art Business Workbooks and Templates
    • Quarterly Featured Artist Opportunities
    • Weekly Opportunities to Feature Your Art/Art Business
    • Bonus Computer Wallpaper providing encouraging artist statement

All for only $24.50/month

This sounds like what I need, I'm ready to build the art business of my dreams!

You Will Get ALL of These Art Business Courses with the Art Business Membership

Below is a list of the art business courses, new courses are added each month and are influenced by the members of this community. 

This Email Marketing for Artists course provides guidance on email marketing so you can save time enabling you to create more art!

In this course you will learn how to:

Included with Art Business Membership

The New Artist Entrepreneur's Guide to Plan Your Art Goals To The Vision You See For Your Life

(Value $600)


Included with Art Business Membership

Included with Art Business Membership

Everything You Need to Know BEFORE You Start Your Etsy Shop 

(Value $696)


Included with Art Business Membership

The Video Presentation "What is Needed to Create a Website" by Rachel Harchanko makes it easy to:

Included with Art Business Membership

The Video Presentation "Social Media For Artists" by Rachel Harchanko makes it easy to:

Included with Art Business Membership

Included with Art Business Membership

Let's work together to create the dream life and art business you have always wanted!

I am ready live the life I've dreamed!
Dolly loves the mobile version of the positive painters community

[About the monthly lunch and learns] I felt connected to the discussion when leaders paused to answer questions.


Hey, I'm Stephanie Weaver

This online membership is about community, it’s about support, it’s about growth in our craft and in our businesses.

I’m Stephanie Weaver and I’ve been driven by an insatiable desire to be part of something great my entire life and YOU are what makes this life great!

In 2014, I broke away from corporate life and I became a professional artist. I struggled for years to find a path, to find a community of artists who were goal-oriented, focused on growing their skills and their business.

After a LOT of disappointments, the problem finally it dawned on me. There is a reason so many artists don’t succeed, it has nothing to do with their ability and everything to do with the people they surround themselves with!

My focus and my desire is to do what I has made me a successful leader in business – lead others to success. It is through this artist community that I envision us sharing experiences, sharing our art, and remove the tribal stigma of “artists are loners”. Together we can create art and art businesses that will stand apart and rise up.

So, if you are passionate about painting, your art business, and believe that supporting others is integral to your growth, then I would love for you to join me in making this online artist community great.

Stephanie Weaver fine art artist

Get self-paced, online courses, art business resources and community!

  • Over 200 hours of video content
    You can come back to your courses again and again.

  • Judgement-Free Zone
    Share your art, your art business struggles, and seek constructive advice from your peers. 

  • Monthly Members-Only Group Coaching Calls
    You can gain knowledge and inspiration from living and working artists!

  • Monthly Art Challenges
    Art is more than a business, these art challenges allow you to create outside of your normal style! You Can Get CREATIVE!!!!

  • Mobile, Desktop, Tablet!  
    You can engage with the community and courses, anywhere and anytime!
I am ready to grow my art business and surround myself with my fellow creative entreprenuers!!

Why is This so Inexpensive?

There isn't a catch....this is the gift horse staring at you. 

It is only $24.50 per month. FOR NOW....BUT YOU ARE RIGHT, it can't stay this inexpensive forever. As the community and art business membership grow the cost of maintaining the systems will grow - so I will need to charge more.  

This price is for a limited time. Lock in your rate today.


Still not sure if it's for you?

The Positive Painters Art Business Membership and Online Artist Community is NOT for you if

  • You are looking for a get rich quick
  • You are not open to feedback and coaching
  • You are not open to actively engaging with the community
  • You don't like to be part of a community
  • You are not ready to change

100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

risk-free creativity and exploration

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you find yourself dissatisfied with the Positive Painter Art Business Membership and Online Artist Community or the value we provide, we will gladly refund your payment and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

I am ready to grow my art business and surround myself with my fellow creative entreprenuers!!
Dolly loves the mobile version of the positive painters community

I love that I can access the members only courses from my iPad and iPhone (so much nicer and positive than wasting time on Social Media!)


I have laid it all out for you.  The Online Artist Community and Art Business Membership are designed for people like you and me.  We are the future of the art world. 

Let's create something amazing!

Until next time, stay safe, happy, and healthy AND Happy Creating!!!


Stephanie Weaver

Join The Positive Painters Art Business Membership & Online Artist Community Today.

I am ready to grow my art business and surround myself with my fellow creative entreprenuers!!


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