Pet Portraits

Our pets are family — that’s why I take extra care to work with you to capture their personality in a timeless oil painting.

I use Museum Quality panels that will last over 100 years with professional-grade, lead-free oil paint. 

Some might think it’s overkill, I think it’s what your pet deserves.

Types of Pet Portraits

I offer two types of oil paintings Dry Brush Oil and Traditional Oil Painting.

Traditional Oil Painting of A Custom Pet Portrait

Traditional Oil Painting

Dry Brush Oil Painting of Military Working Dogs

Dry Brush Oil Painting


We Love Fur Babies!

I take special requests.

This is "Mighty Little Man" 18x24" Oil. Mighty Little Man passed away and his owner wanted a portrait of him in the cape that he had special made for Mighty Little Man. I was able to create this painting from the various references the owner provided.

Mighty Little Man lives on in the owner's heart and is the hero in this book "Mighty Little Man"

Choose Your Photo

Pick your favorite photo of your pet. If you like one aspect of one photo and another of another photo, this is something I can address in the painting process.

>>Schedule a free consultation to discuss.

Pick a Size

Additional sizes are available.


Each piece is custom painted and can take 4 - 10 weeks to complete (depending on the size and number of pets in the portrait).

Approval Process

Once I have the initial drawing complete, I will send the drawing to you for approval, once approved then I can start painting.*

Payment Process

Payment Processing is completed vis PayPal. the price is broken into two or three equal payments. The first payment is due when the artwork is finished prior to shipping


I ship all over the world. Each painting is boxed and professionally prepared. Shipping is included for US bound paintings;. Additional shipping fee for International shipping.

  • In the event I am putting more than one photo reference together to create a composite image, I will send you a couple of photoshop options to approve prior to drawing.

Stephen R.

"Stephanie does awesome work! When I saw the incredible portrait that she did of "Simon", my daughter Kim's cat, I was an instant fan. So, after several other amazing portraits that we commissioned Stephanie to do for us and our family, we are total fans of hers! Her portraits truly are a "Work of Art"."

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Single Pet Portrait Pricing

Starting at $590

8x10" $590

9x12" $660

11x14" $870

16x20" $1,700

18x24" $2,020

24x36" $3,500

** Military Dogs and Working Dogs are given a 40% discount. 

** Return clients will receive the rate I previously charged from their first commission.

*** For each additional pet in a single portrait add 20%


"You just love the animals and you see more in them than just a picture. When you asked me to tell you about Madison and Buck I could tell that you wanted to capture his personality and what he means to our family and not just the color of his fur or the shape of his head. You did that beautifully! His eyes and expression are spot on. You gave us a portrait that tugs at our heartstrings and will forever be a cherished item in our home.

Thank you very much and I would highly recommend you to anybody that is looking for a portrait!"

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Tradition Oil Pet Portraits

Custom Oil Pet Portrait
custom pet portrait
Pet portrait
Custom oil Portrait
Tradition oil painting
Custom pet portrait
Custom oil pet portrait
Oil Painting
Pet portraits
Custom pet painting
Fur baby YEAH
Dog with sunglasses painting
Custom pet portrait
Custom pet portrait
Custom pet portrait
Custom pet portrait
Custom pet portrait
Custom pet portrait
Custom pet portrait
Custom pet portrait
Custom pet portrait

What clients are saying...


Adam G.

She does a fantastic job and cares so much about her work!!!


Ciara L.

I asked Stephanie to paint a portrait of my mare that I had to have put to sleep. I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted, so I sent her several pictures that were taken of her on her last day. Stephanie took one of the pictures and cropped my body out but left my hand. The emotions in this painting are indescribable..

I absolutely love it.


Marianne W.

Beautiful painting of our girl!

Dry Brush Oil Pet Portraits

Dry brush oil paintings
Dry brush oil painting
Police dog painting
dog being happy painting
custom dry brush oil painting
dry brush oil pet painting
Army dog painting
Custom army dog dry brush painting
Police dog painting

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