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With this 3 Step Program, you'll be able to monetize your creativity through the power and simplicity of Print on Demand

Start Creating a Range of Custom Products

What is the 3 Step Program to Design and Sell Products with Your Artwork

In this course, artist and art business coach Stephanie Weaver shows you how to monetize your creativity with almost no startup costs using her 3 Step Program to create and market your artwork in the following order:

Step 1. How to Prepare Your Artwork For Products

Step 2. How to Register and Integrate with One or More Print on Demand Vendors

Step 3. How to Research and Create your Product

And if you’re looking to set up your own e-commerce venture before diving into dropshipping, check out Stephanie Weaver’s Course “Etsy Bootcamp” to discover the most cost-efficient method of selling your artwork.

Why would you want print on demand?: 

Artists and art businesses can:

  • easily design branded products that reach fans and customers worldwide.
  • easily create an additional revenue stream
  • avoid the need of an art agent who will take 35-60% of the revenue
  • avoid the need of keeping costly inventory

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Start your tomorrow today!

Just imagine...

You wake up to see a lovely notification that someone bought your product with your artwork at 1AM! 

And even better - you don't have to print or ship it!

It sounds fabulous right?! 

***And here is a nugget of info right now: based on the trends I see in my store, the prime shopping hours on Etsy are from 10pm to 1pm Central.

About This Course

Grab This And SO Much More with the Art Business Program

Course Contents

The Course is broken down into 3 Primary Units. 

  1. Introduction and Expectations
  2. 3 Step Program Overview: What and Why
  3. 3 Step Program In Action:

    Step 1. How to Prepare Your Artwork For Products

    Step 2. How to Register and Integrate with One or More Print on Demand Vendors

    Step 3. How to Research and Create your Product

Who is it for?

This course is for designers, illustrators, artists, and other creative entrepreneurs who would like to sell custom products with their own artwork.

What people are saying about this course

Lee A.

Very useful information and organization. Took me 2 months to figure this out on my own.

Dolly T.

It's fun, it's exciting to see your paintings on a product AND it is especially fun giving a gift with your artwork!  And it is exciting to sell them!!!

Allen C.

This presenter impressed me with her knowledge of the content, organization and presentation of each lesson, and overall quality of her lessons. I highly recommend this course.

Jane R.

Very insightful and revealing to understand real-world resources to make it happen! I had always thought the Etsy sellers and Facebook sellers set up the mockups - I had no idea before this course!

Julie L.

Awesome! Very nice, clear explanations! The exclusive interview with Gooten was very unique and interesting to understand what the Print On Demand vendors do for us artists.

Very helpful!

Highly recommended.

What you need

To take this course, you must have your own designs, as well as an online shop or marketplace where you can sell your products.

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Start Creating Products with Your Artwork Today And So Much More!

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Stephanie Weaver