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Elizabeth Reich

Dolly Tabb

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Featured Artist Elizabeth Reich

Elizabeth Reich

watercolorist, solopreneur, founder of LZBTH Creative Content (2017) the mergence of my love of watercolor and my freelance work on a local magazine, South Huntsville Neighbors, as the Content Coordinator. After family, and sometimes before the magazine work, I spend time experimenting with the versatile medium of watercolor to create colorful and painterly artworks inspired by the natural world.
I was transplanted from New England to Huntsville in 2000 and in 2005 graduated from UAH with an Art History Degree. Then a stint as the Office Manager for my husband’s business, while guiding our son (homeschooled) and daughter (Grissom) through high school.
2014 I decided it was time to reconsider what I had set aside and dabbled in my entire life—creativity. I asked myself “What would my 8-year old self want to do?” The Answer was: WATERCOLOR. Not to surprising . . . I used to push those Crayola watercolors and the paint with water books to perform some wonder they were not meant to. I found the next available watercolor class and the journey began.
The joy of getting to play in colorful puddles with the versatile medium of watercolor to interpret, explore, and discover visual elements of art and the interplay of these elements found in nature makes the week complete. As an emerging artist I am passionate about bringing watercolors to paintings and pattern design as originals, prints, or art on products to bring interpretations of nature’s restorative gifts into places one may reside during their day.

Feature Artist Elizabeth Reich still life painting of a leaf
Feature Artist Elizabeth Reich's landscape watercolor painting
Elizabeth Reich, featured artist, created a landscape watercolor painting
Feature Artist Elizabeth Reich watercolor artist
Feature Artist Elizabeth Reich Watercolor painting orange still life
Feature Artist Dolly Tabb

Dolly Tabb

After years of being a stay-at-home mom (or Domestic Engineer, as my preferred title) I began hand painting on china in my late 50s and quickly became a acclaimed artist in the China Painting organizations.

After 20 years of painting on china, I left China painting behind and began oil painting.  It was with oil painting that I found a whole new world of possibilities and opened myself up to the possibilities of creating fun, and colorful artwork AND I could create products and designs featuring my artwork!  


Featured Artist Dolly Tabb
Featured Artist Dolly Tabb
Featured Artist Dolly Tabb Christmas Still Life
Feature Artist Dolly Tabb Created a Print on Demand Tree Skirt
Dolly Tabb Feature Artist Created a Cheezy Cherub Art Motivation Challenge

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