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Julie Fry

Kimberly Evans

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Featured Artist Elizabeth Reich

Julie Fry

Since I was introduced to oil painting in 2009, I chose it as my concentration for my Bachelor of Arts degree at Bama [University of Alabama].

I love painting anything in oils-- portraits, figures, landscapes, still life-- because this medium allows me to change my mind about placement and texture at my every whim!

I met Stephanie Weaver as my mentor in 2015, through the Huntsville Art League mentorship program, and she has been an amazing friend and resource. I seemed to have given up on my artistic endeavors a few times, but every time I interact with Stephanie, I get so much encouragement and inspiration. The Positive Painters community rocketed me through COVID quarantine and beyond, instilling a weekly practice of painting and planning the next piece.

My artwork has become a very important part of my life and now I am posting some of it on Instagram, where I connect with artists I admire-- to talk about and gawk about art!

My artistic vision has always been personal, close to the heart, involving mood, bright colors, and often symbolism. I truly believe we must attain a positive mindset to guide ourselves into our own version of success. I am grateful and excited to be featured in Positive Painters this quarter!

Feature Artist Dolly Tabb

Kimberly Evans

I have always wanted to skillfully paint in oils, probably since my early teen years. I grew up in a. family where art was all around me. My mother was a fine artist in portraits and figures, and I admired her work so much!

In February 2021, I called Stephanie to inquire if she taught watercolors (I wanted to advance my skills in this medium, seeing as I had taken courses in it before). She said she didn't teach watercolors and then she invited me to her zoom class in oils. I jumped aboard and I have never looked back. I have learned so much since that day!

I look forward to being around other creatives in each class, plus I love Stephanie's mantra of "learn, paint, and repeat". It has gotten me to where I am today, and I look forward to getting better and better with each and every stroke of my paint brush.

Featured Artist Kimberly Evans
Featured Artist Kimberly Evans
Featured Artist Kimberly Evans mixed media painting
Feature Artist Kimberly Evans oil painting of a barn
Featured Artist Kimberly Evans little red school house

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