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"Finding the fun with art supplies and art journaling with Stacy Reck"

3/3/2022 at 12pm - 1:30 Central

Via Zoom

Stacy teaches art journaling as a way to heal. Heal what you may ask? Anything!

Early in her counseling career, she led a grief and loss group. One night the room felt very heavy and no one wanted to share. In that moment of awkwardness, she broke out some crayons, paper, and music and had everyone draw their feelings. From that one night, everything Stacy knew about mental health shifted and changed. That group grew to one of the most popular in her practice and eventually morphed into Art Journal Life.

She found journaling helps people relax, solve problems and keep track of their processes. It’s not about being an artist but a way to tell a story and convey feelings and emotion, with or without words. It’s a meditative process where we can find peace from a hectic schedule. 

Art journaling is the place where the conscious and subconscious meet, a place where magic happens.

Stacy is a Holistic Counselor (MA Holistic Counseling/ Human Development) with training in Expressive Arts, Jungian Psychology, Dream Mythology, Holistic Leadership, and certification in Past-Life Regression Therapy by Dr. Brian Weiss.



 Stacy will discuss the:

  • how and why of art journaling and
  • give a prompt for guests to try later.
  • then participants can tag her on Instagram or post to my Facebook group to share their prompt.


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