Create And Market Etsy Bootcamp

Intense Program to Create your Etsy shop that will be found on Google and Etsy


Etsy Bootcamp

Is an intense 4-week program designed to guide you so you can TAKE ACTION to move towards your goal of having a shop that is getting traffic and sales on Etsy.  Along your journey you will:

  1. Learn what is needed to create a shop
  2. Create your shop with a focus on Keywords (which are the key to traffic) and Images
  3. Set up tools, like Google Analytics and Coupons, to aid your marketing efforts
  4. Learn the skills and framework to market your shop and
  5. Create the integration and materials needed to drive passive income using your artwork. 


The Etsy Bootcamp explains the entire sell artwork framework using in-depth videos and more in so much detail it’s literally like me doing it with you as you watch over my shoulder.

In fact, the training in this Bootcamp is so detailed you could even hand it off to a member of your team or someone else and have them do everything for you.

Imagine waking up to a notification from Etsy that someone you don't know purchased something at 1am that you created!

It is an amazing feeling!

And you are just moments away from getting started on this journey!


Become a Positive Painter

Who is Etsy Bootcamp Designed For?

This bootcamp is designed for:

  • The busy professional who wants a no-non-sense approach to getting things done
  • The person who desires to sell their artwork with low-tech, low cost option
  • The person who needs and/wants a community of accountability partners of fellow creatives
  • The person who wants to create Print on Demand offerings with their artwork
  • The person who wants to focus more on creating and less on tech.

Create Your Etsy Shop With Confidence

Everything you need to know BEFORE you setup your Etsy Shop giving you the confidence to know that you have the tools of the trade.

Create Passive Income

How to create Print on Demand products at no cost to you, which will create a passive income stream leaving you more time to create!

Market Your Etsy Shop

Tools to create products with proper SEO tags that will drive traffic to your Etsy Shop AND a framework to learn how to tell the stories behind your artwork.

Online Artist Community

You'll have access to the Online Artist Community so you can bounce ideas, ask questions and get feedback on your Etsy shop.

Michael Ressler

Etsy Shop: 

I have sold my original paintings for years but wanted to have an Etsy shop to create extra income selling prints and products of my past paintings and to have another venue to sell my original paintings. I had read articles and watched tutorials about creating an Etsy store, but it just stayed on my "to-do" list for over a year.
By taking this workshop, I was able to create my shop with my original paintings and a variety of great-looking products of my artwork available by integrating with Print-On-Demand manufacturers. It took some learning and many hours but I was able to accomplish it while also working full-time at my "day job". This just wouldn't have happened without Stephanie's information-packed workshop.

Each week includes a well-organized and informative video presentation & demonstration, then a homework section that includes a checklist of tasks and more video that walks you through every step. There is also an online community where Stephanie and other workshop attendees help you with additional questions and valuable tools & resources.
This Etsy Bootcamp was such a great value and I would highly recommend it.

Etsy Bootcamp helps you:

  1. Create Your Etsy Shop The Right Way To Bring Traffic From Google And Etsy Into Your Shop

  2. Get You More Traffic To Your Etsy Shop

  3. Makes It Easy To Create Your Etsy Shop And Market Your Shop Without Wasting Time And Energy On Things That Don't Work.

  4. Gives You The Confidence To Create Your Etsy Shop And Start Selling You Artwork And Products You Create

  5. Avoid The Big Mistakes That Cause Most People To Give Up On Etsy And The Ability To Use The World's Largest Marketplace For Handcrafted Goods!

  6. The Real SECRET For Getting Traffic To Your Art Shop 


Because I want you to be successful with your shop, I'm throwing in some bonuses!  


Who is the Etsy 4 Week Program Not Designed for?

Who is the Bootcamp NOT For?

This Bootcamp is NOT designed for the person who: 

  • Thinks they are magically going to make 10K overnight.
  • Thinks someone else is going to do the work.
This bootcamp is perfect for me!

Rachel Harchanko

Etsy Shops! PLURAL!!! 

Mother's Recipes:

I took Stephanie's Etsy Bootcamp to set up and start my shop for my artwork. I am a new artist that had many questions about Etsy.

Stephanie's Etsy Bootcamp took me step-by-step and allowed me to set up not one, but two shops.

And before the Bootcamp was even finished, I had sold 5 items!

Stephanie provided me with all the tools and information to have two successful shops.

Etsy Bootcamp Curriculum


The Etsy Bootcamp is broken up into Weeks, however, you may take the course at your own pace. 

As a project management expert, I like to be fully aware of how long things should take so I can plan my time.  As a result,  within the course I've provided you guides to help you also manage your time while working through the course.

If Etsy Bootcamp doesn't show you exactly how to set up your Etsy shop... if it doesn't take you by the hand, step-by-step to show you how to market your artwork and access new clients... then I will give you a refund within the 30 days of purchase. 

 No Questions Asked!

Put the power of "Etsy Bootcamp" to work for you so you can quickly and easily create your Etsy Shop, generate income, access new clients, and create passive income with print on demand!

Jim Solomon

Etsy Shop:

I had an Etsy Shop for over a year before I attended the Etsy Bootcamp, but adding items was such a pain that I rarely did it. Trying to think of keywords, create mockups and determine prices were just way to time consuming and mentally challenging to do on any kind of regular basis. While I understood the concept for these things, what they really needed to be and the actual mechanics of creating them was just too much.

The Bootcamp cleared up a few misconceptions and most importantly introduced me to some affordable tools like Sale Samurai and Placeit that not only gave me what I needed, but actually made it fun to put the necessary parts together.

I am still in the process of correcting the items I currently have in my store. The very first thing I did was determine realistic, adequate prices for all my stuff.

Now I am updating the keywords in titles and tags, and then I’ll change out the lame mockups I have posted for the new ones generated in Paceit and Canva. Then I’ll add the new products that I thought of while in Bootcamp. I would not have done any of this without the thorough explanations Stephanie provided and the tools she showed.

If you want to sell on Etsy, you need to attend the Bootcamp and REALLY learn how.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have another question that I haven't covered, simply email me at [email protected].

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