Unboxing Video of Fabulous Rosemary & Co Oil Painting Brushes You'll Love

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This past birthday my hubby asked me what I wanted for my birthday :)  Without hesitation, I said, Rosemary & Co. Oil Painting Brushes :)  So he said, "that sounds like something I'll let you pick out".  YEAH!!!

My self-justification for such a gift to myself  Paintbrushes are the extension of our arm and mind that relays what we want to show on the canvas – they are very important tools.  And the very best tools I’ve had the pleasure of working with are from Rosemary & Co!  The unboxing video shows the “Casey Child’s Professional Set”  This set contains 26 brushes (only 1 is a short-handle brush).

Now that I’ve been using them for a month or so, I can tell you I love them and they were worth every penny. So here is the unboxing of my fabulous gift from my hubby that I bought myself (BTW, we’ve been married 20 years, so this is kind-of how we do things now…  )

Oil Paintbrush Tips and Tricks

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18 Must-Read Tips to Masterfully Use Your Oil Paint Supplies

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