Sober Artist? Well, That's New....

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Sober Artist?  Well, That's New....

I Am Stephanie Weaver Fine Art Artist

Artist & Instructor & Sober

Today, I am sober for 1 year! 

Bet you didn't see that one coming....I don't look like a drunk do I 😏....we all have problems, some of us are just better at hiding them.

Today I’m celebrating and I have a gift for you too! 

Today, June 14, 2020 marks one year with no alcohol. And you know what, my mind has shifted to the positive person I used to be! But you probably never saw the mess that I was ... like I said, some of us are better at hiding.

Anyway, the old me is back: I am going to brag on myself for a second because after years of letting others beat me down and me believing it, I have earned the ability to say the following:

  • I am smart
  • I am courageous
  • I am talented
  • I will live my best life!

For years, the negative voices of the people I let into my life kept fighting with the positive voices that I grew up with. This is no more.

I am extremely clear on what I want, now it is just a matter of time.  And for those who knew me before, you know I am going to rock this joint, for those who have come to know me over the last several years and were amazed - you haven't seen anything yet! LOL 😃  I am a force.

I am ready.

So today marks the day that I am a new person.   Art Fur Paws is no more (although I still give to animal welfare organizations), that name is not enough for what I have to offer.

  I am Stephanie Weaver Fine Art Artist!

❤️🎨Check out my new logo!  ❤️🎨



​Did you see the little paws 🐾 from my old logo!!! 

The designer, Julie from JMADesigns, did an amazing job!  

Julie sat with me and discussed ideas of what I was looking for, she reviewed my artwork to find a common style and colors that I love.  She nailed it!  

This logo is everything I am, it shows my love of animals and art, it is clean, neat, and elegantly simple.  

❤️🎨Thank you Julie for creating a logo that is an expression of me!!!❤️🎨

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