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Artist Mindset: Personal Power

Reminder: These are my thoughts/fears/and life as an artist and businesswoman.  As an FYI, these posts I’m not concerned about SEO, I’m not going to be concerned about getting neat graphics in...these are raw, a stream of consciousness letters from me to me - I often write to myself because I can hear the answers so much easier when I write (if that makes since :) ) .

As another side note:  when I talk to myself and write journals like this - the answers are as if someone else is talking to me - so I'm trying to make an effort to distinguish my voice from the answers I get from these quiet contemplative moments....


I'm finding it really hard to focus on any one thing lately - there is so much going on that doesn't seem logical.    It's a hard thing for me to wrap my brain around, and well maybe I'm not supposed to understand but just accept and move on.  Cause I know the truth of it, nothing that they do can truly affect me if I don't let it.

Power....personal power comes from within.  People can only take it if you let them; if you relinquish it; if you let these things cloud your mind.....

ahhhhhh - there it is - I'm letting them cloud my mind, I'm letting their issues into my mind.....Some would say that is a selfish thought.

And yes it is, but aren't all the thoughts we have selfish - in some way, matter or form, the thoughts always come back to "I" or "me" or "my" motivation.  The truth of it again is that the power to influence others comes from you.  Individuals influence others every day, in one way or another, it is YOUR CHOICE of HOW they'll influence you.  It is YOUR CHOICE of WHAT type of influencer YOU WANT to be.

So clear your mind, focus on what is within your world of influence and be the light that cannot be denied as anything else but positive.  The rest is noise designed to distract and diminish.  Don't let anyone invade your mind with a negative thought, or negative perception designed to take your power, take your the light that cannot be denied as anything else but positive. YOU ARE POWERFUL.  

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