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If you watch the previous video "Top 5 Studio Organization Tips to Save you Time and Money"  , you probably saw that my space is kind of big.  It wasn't always that way.

In this article you'll learn how do you maximize a small space and why is it so important to segment your spaces. 

Tips to Maximize a Small Studio Space

If you have a small space, I want you to know that that's how I started. And as a matter of fact, one of the things that I do today is what I did when I had a small space.

So when I first started painting, all space I had was a little corner, actually in the guest bedroom of our house in Atlanta and our house in Atlanta was kind of about the size of a postage stamp type thing. It was pretty small, but it was what we needed. And so what I did is what I do today.

1. Have all the things that you need for that particular project and a station. 

I like to call the workstations "nooks".  Check out the video above to see my painting station and how I have it organized.

This keeps you in the creative flow because everything you need for the artwork is readily available.  

2. Build what you need. 

Much of the furniture that is available at the art supplies stores are not very functional or pretty.  So when you are sharing space in your studio it is important to maximize the space and make it look good at a low cost.  So what I did was make what I needed by using multiple pieces of furniture that I acquired on Amazon (Ikea stopped delivering this type of thing because of the pandemic, so if you live near an Ikea you can easily put something like what I show in the video together).

Here is a listing of the pieces I used to create my side desk easel to store my supplies and act as a divider in the room:

  1. 1 Winsome Halifax Storage/Organization System, 5 Drawer
  2. 1 Winsome Wood Halifax Storage/Organization System (5 Drawer and Cabinet)
  3. 3 Way Basics Eco Stackable Connect Storage Cubby Organizers with Doors
  4. Then had a piece of White Melamine Board cut at Lowe's to fit on top
  5. Secured the pieces together using L brackets

The result was a piece that housed everything I needed and was the right height for me to stand or sit at my easel to paint.

That's what made the nook very customized to meet my needs and you can do the same, simply take the time to measure out what you need.  (note: Check out the video of other cool stuff about my paint space that I love- it may spark something in you of what you have been thinking about doing!

3. Segment your spaces.  

If you've got larger space or if you envision having larger space, I'm going to show you how I segment my studio space.  (Watch the video above to see). 

I really recommend watching the video - the transcript doesn't make sense without it....

Transcript:  " I'm going to take you on a little bit of a tour ready. Ok, so there's my nook, right, when you kind of come over this way. This is a very open space. This will be I'm going to install another pegboard. You didn't see that on the previous video. I'll kind of link that. But the pegboard is going to be very similar to this just in and box system and then install the pegboard on top. So that way I can have a nice area to hang more paintings and artwork.

So that's one system or segment.

Now this whole system up here, this was an interesting thing. So I've actually purchased this hanging system from IKEA back about 15/16 years ago. And at the time that section over there was my office for when I worked for ADP and then the rest of the room was the children's playroom. So I separated everything like that so that, you know, they knew not to go over.

And so that segment.

So this room has evolved over time into being a family area to now it's just mine.

So in this segment over here, where I can still close these curtains is a, you know, more workspace. And then I have my China painting segment over here. I don't always have this stuff out because it is just a mess, and sometimes I just get really, really tired of the mess. So but I have that and that's a segment.

And then if I were to turn around so I can even turn this whole space, you know, the floor is like a hot mess right now into like a little yoga and stretching area. And I've got my ball and yoga mat over there with a little dog holding the ball in place. And then this is also a little whiteboard to kind of keep me. Sometimes it helps to actually stand up and kind of walk around and think things through. Throw them up on a big whiteboard, type things. And so I have that there.

And then, of course, you get my little computer nook. So I'm a computer nut. Well, it's a computer network. This is where I do a majority of my work, and this is probably where you see me the most.

Just like this.

So that's about it.

So you've pretty much got a tour of my whole studio and kind of how to maximize small spaces. And then if you do have a large space, had a segment it off to where you can stay focused in one particular area like this little computer note. I love this computer nook. It's it's I've got my computers. I've got my oil paints to to remind me that there is a creative side to everything that I'm doing. And there is with the computers, you know, that's been my life for 20 years, and my organization has been my life for like 20 years. So I'm finally getting to combine all of those things to help you."


So there you have it – three tips to help you get the most out of your small studio space.

Have you tried any of these tips? Do you have a tip to share with us? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!

Until next time, stay safe, happy and healthy, and happy creating!

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