Email Marketing for Artists: How often should you be contacting your patrons?

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Artists Soar Podcast for artists by artist. This week we talk about email markeing - how much is too much?

Jules, Rachel, and Stephanie discuss how often you should be contacting your patrons - what is the proper number of emails to introduce your product, yourself, etc.



  • Segment your email list and send the information the audience requested.
  • Document your email sequence (Stephanie uses Canva)
  • Marketing experts say it takes 7-12 touches to make a sale.
  • Save the emails that make you want to click as reference emails in the future.
  • Check your email 1 - 2 times a day.
  • Have a customer appreciation week/month. - Check out Jules Advent Calendar (available for the month of December 2021)

What is your opinion on how many emails are too much?  Email us at [email protected] 

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Resources Mentioned


Advent Calendar on Jules McCullough's website - get freebies and gifts from Jules.

Mailchimp - an email provider that Rachel uses

Holiday Planning Guide Email Swipe Files

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