Good Idea or Bad Idea? Artwork for Exchange, Barter, or a Friend

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Jules, Rachel, and Stephanie discuss lessons learned with doing business with friends and relatives..

Jules and Rachel created a website for a friend...that went south real quick...

Stephanie created a commission for a friend and the friend took advantage and Stephanie took a hard stance of being done...

Lessons learned:

  • Don't turn over the deliverable until you have payment
  • Always trust your gut!
  • Look for a win-win agreement
  • Know your limits
  • Outline every detail in writing

Red Flags to look for:

  • Your gut is questioning the situation
  • They request too many changes upfront or have too many "visions" of what it should be
  • The expectations change

Strategies to avoid the job:

  • Price yourself out of the job
  • Don't follow up

Do you have a story about working with a family member or friend?  Send us your story at [email protected]

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Resources Mentioned

Max Emporium Cards

Art Pricing Calculator - price your right art

Commissions - 5 key questions to ask yourself before you start a commission and Sample Invoice.

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