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Artists bullying artists; what to do and rise above and a rebranding of our podcast to Artists Soar.

Since I have become a professional artist I can count on my hands the number of times I've been bullied by other artists - every time I'm amazed because - hello - this is art and you are an adult {shaking my head - grow the heck up people!}.  

BUT here is the thing, I don't consider myself as a victim. BECAUSE I have the attitude that something good will come from this. 

And you know what? 

Every time something good does come from the situation, it just takes time and support.

Now before you get the idea I'm a snowflake and just melt at the idea of controversy - let's define bullying...

And then I'll share with you the results from the latest bully that we've turned into a forward-thinking growth opportunity! 

(btw - I'm a Leo, I will fight - but I'm a clean fighter - I don't get dirty, I win with law and logic).

According to wikipedia bullying is defined as "is the use of force, coercion, hurtful teasing or threat, to abuse, aggressively dominate or intimidate. "

And then there is Cyberbullying. As defined by "Cyberbullying includes sending, posting, or sharing negative, harmful, false, or mean content about someone else."

We recently have had threats made against us because of the name of our Podcast “Art BS (Business Solutions)”.  

So, you are probably thinking - what good could come from this?

#1) we have the best lawyer you could ask for - Kiffanie Stahle!  With a brief discussion with her, she helped us remove the emotion from the situation, so we could focus on a long-term solution that drives towards our goals.

#2) We received a lot of new followers on our podcast - which is funny - even bad advertising is good advertising...- yeah! which means....

Great rises up - no what I'm saying 😉

The results of our avant-garde attitude! 

We are proud to announce the rebranding of our Podcast from Art BS (Business Solutions) to Artists Soar(TM)!  

So you are probably wondering why rebrand? 

#1) We want to be a brand that sponsors will be proud to be a part of.  We serve excellent content to amazing artists and the name needs to reflect excellence. 

#2) AND the name Art BS (Business Solutions) is not eligible for Trademark because it is descriptive of the services and too common of terms.  Artists Soar(TM) is eligible for Trademarking! 

We are businesswomen, we are artists, we kow-tow to no one. What we do is, evaluate and make smart, long-term decisions that are best for our families and our businesses. 

We are artists who soar. 

Rise above with us! 

You can now listen to our podcast "Artists Soar" on all Podcast Channels!  And follow us on: 

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If You Are Being Bullied - Take Action

I know there are many, many people - kids and adults who are facing bullying or cyberbullying right now.  If you are, please do the following:

1) Get advice from an outside party that you trust.  Let them know what is going on to develop a plan to rise above and move towards your better future.

2) Report the offender to authorities.  Every single social media and electronic platform does not want to be part of the hate - contact them immediately with facts of the situation to have the offender addressed. 

3) You have rights, you are not less than anything or anyone.  Go to for more information.

4) Remember that every day changes, and that means that your life tomorrow is going to change and it will get better. 

Don't give up, rise up. 

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