Do you feel the pressure of being an artist?

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do you feel the pressure of being an artist

Do you feel the pressure? 

Do you put it on yourself, or is it coming from an outside source?  You are not alone, every artist feels this pressure.  The question is what do you do about it?


Nothing kills creativity more than pressure (for most of us, I know there are a few exceptions to the rule, and to you, my friend, I say, I’m jealous). 


But for the rest of us who feel the pressure of creating, of making money with our art to somehow “justify” its existence or to ‘justify’ our desire to pursue this difficult, winding road of uncertainty I say this:  


You are brave.  


Your dreams are worthy.  


You do not have to justify yourself to anyone, anytime for doing what brings you joy.  


Keep walking your path, keep tripping, and picking yourself back up again.  


You are progressing.


Everyone has a different path: some will run it, some will walk, some will run-walk, some will sit on the bench on the side of the path to enjoy the view or take a break or work another job or support their family or to simply handle life.  


No matter where you are on your path, remember to look back to see how you’ve come - no one can take that from you.  No one can take that feeling from you. 


We ALL feel this way - take a minute to look at your creative friends on the path too, give them encouragement, share this message. 


Much love my creative friends.  

Stephanie Weaver

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