10 Ideas for Artist Email Newsletter Content

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In the last several articles we have covered the following about artist email newsletters: 

  • What is an email newsletter, why you need it
  • 4 Use Cases for Your email newsletter
  • 10 Steps to Creating an Art Business Newsletter 

Trying to come out with weekly newsletters about artwork I think is probably the hardest thing that we artists have to do.  We love to create it, but dang if talking about it isn’t hard AND writing about it! 

Well today, we are going to cover 10 Popular topics for artists to cover in their newsletters.

10 Ideas for Artist Email Newsletter Content

Here is a shortlist of the type of email content ideas you can use!  If you want more, check out this article “Easy Email Marketing for Artists” where I list 20 email marketing ideas! 

Idea #1. Host Giveaways

If you’re hosting a giveaway — and who doesn’t like those? — create it for your mailing list. They’ll feel extra special it’s only available to them and it’ll be a chance for you to create some buzz around your brand.

You could have them enter by sending a title idea for your newest work (include the image and directions in your newsletter). Whoever chooses the best title wins and gets a free print of the artwork.

Get creative and have fun with it.

Idea #2. Provide Demonstrations

Do a show and tell where you demonstrate your technique giving your fans an inside look at what goes into a commissioned portrait.

Idea #3. Create a VIP Artwork Club

It’s fun to treat your newsletter list to some exclusivity. Make them feel like VIPs and give them first dibs on all your new artwork. Let them know it’ll be available just to them for a limited amount of time, such as a week before you list it anywhere else. They feel appreciated and the time limit offers a subtle sense of urgency for them to purchase your artwork.

Idea #4. Include Artist Life Snapshots

Inquiring minds want to know what is it actually like in your studio!  Take snapshots of your studio, works in progress, your messy palette, your favorite camera lens, favorite paint jeans, favorite eraser, or your rough sketches.

You are an artist - get creative with your camera!

Idea #5. Mention Residencies, Art Shows or Art Trips

 You are not always in your studio; talk about where you’ve been for this photograph, upcoming art shows, upcoming trips, and your planning process for what you plan to take and hope to achieve while on the trip.  

Idea #6. Extend Exclusive Invitations

It’s always nice to see art in an exhibition space, rather than online.

Give your mailing list the A-list treatment and extend a special invitation to your next show, Facebook Live, Youtube Live, Instagram Live, etc. Pump up the engagement with a special gift like if they respond to this email you will enter them in for a raffle for a free print. Then you can choose the winner at the event - such a cool idea! (and plays into Idea #1 above Host a giveaway)



Idea #7. Share Your Artwork - Obvi - right. 

Keep your mailing list updated on all your available work! Remember how we talked about your artist website - this is when it comes in handy (link to previous episodes about artist website 1, 2, 3,).  Showcase a piece and link to your artwork available for sale.

Idea #8. Storytelling

Art lovers enjoy learning the stories behind artworks! Always remember “Emotion Sells, Logic Tells”.

Let them see the world through your eyes and share what inspired your latest collection. There is always more to a piece of art than aesthetics. Let people in and allow them to connect with your art on a deeper level. 

If you struggle with that a bit, no worries, you can download my art journaling prompts (And check out this article about What Makes Art Sell)

Idea #9. Showcase Testimonials as Social Proof

Did someone just buy your artwork, did you just win an art show? Tell your mailing list! People desire artwork, even more, when other art lovers want or value it. If you’re worried about your buyer’s privacy, keep the details vague. But, still show an image of the piece and maybe mention the city the collector is from. If your buyer agrees, you could even include a photo of them with their new artwork.

Idea #10. Go Video!

If you aren’t a fan of writing, and after all art is visual, turn on your camera phone and start chatting with your audience like they are right there and pick one of the 9 topics above to chat with them about! 

The key - relax, the person on the other end watching you love what you do. 

In Conclusion

If you aren’t ready to jump in yet, think of some artists you admire and respect for the way they handle their art marketing projects. Subscribe to their email newsletters. You might get some ideas and gain the confidence to do it too.

The bottom line, let your personality and your artwork shine when writing your email newsletter. It should be written with the same tone as if you were speaking to the person who receives it.

Be yourself.

Consider the email newsletter as a way to take prospective buyers on an exciting creative journey with you so they can get to know-like-and-trust you in addition to loving your work!

Your homework: 

  1. If you don’t have an email service provider, do some research using the handy-dandy link here and find an email service provider, if you are looking for a recommendation, I prefer ConvertKit (affiliate link) which is free for up to 1000 email subscribers.  
  2. Register to attend the Email Marketing Lunch and Learn scheduled for 5/13/2021.  If you are reading this after 5/13/2021, the replay is available to Positive Painters, you can join today and gain access to this and so much more

Check out this Episode of Artists Soar where we talk with Artist Katrina Berg about "Email List - Everything You Need To Know with Guest Host Katrina Berg"


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