02_Art Business Tips: Overcoming Your SMART Goal Obstacles

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Resources Mentioned

  1. DOWNLOAD: Put The SMART in Your Art Goals Article and Worksheet.
  2. DOWNLOAD: Overcome Your SMART Goal Obstacles Worksheet
  3. Planning Mindfully With Action 2 Part Lunch and Learn
  4. Julie McCullough’s JMA Planner


Welcome I’m Stephanie Weaver here to provide you with art business coaching tips so you can gain focus and action on your art business.

This month we are focused on art business goals and putting the SMART into your art business goals. To support your efforts I have several resources available to you to download and complete. Last week you were provided with Put the SMART in Your ART Goals – link to the workbook will be available in the show notes. And this week I have a new worksheet for you to download and complete to help you overcome any obstacles that would prevent you from achieving your goal.

For a deeper dive into defining your goals and your vision, Take the two-part launch and learn series called Planning for Creatives Planning Mindfully with Action (available to Positive Painter Members), where professional artist Julie McCullough and designer of the JMA Planner will walk you through how to define your vision for your life and plan your actions so that you can achieve your vision.

Last week your action was to write down your goals and making them SMART goals. SMART is a mnemonic device to remember the key ingredients that go into defining a goal: those ingredients are: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. In last weeks exercise you were also provided direction to start writing down any obstacles that came into mind as you were defining your SMART Goals. In This weeks episode we are going to talk about what to do about those obstacles.

So Stay tuned

Before we move into this weeks episode I’d like to give you a little history about myself so you know where I’m coming from in experience and knowledge. I am currently living my second career as an artist, art business coach and founder of the Positive Painter Online Community. My first part of my life is what equipped me to help you in the art business. because I have been there, done that with a spin. You see I have an undergraduate degree in marketing, a Masters in business administration with a concentration in management information systems, another Masters in project management with a concentration in E Commerce and a project management professional certification. the project management professional certification is a certification that required 10000 hours plus of project management experience, +7 years of actual experience and I had to pass a 4 hour test actually gain the certification, this certification is reinstated every 3 years based on experience and continuing education.

In addition to my educational background, I worked my way up the corporate ladder from a senior programmer analyst to managing a team or project managers and implementation consultants. You can check out all of my career on LinkedIn and I’ll include a link in show notes so you just gotta see if my background why I do what I’m doing and why I expressed things with express. so how did I get here? When I was going up the corporate ladder art was my side hobby that was quickly igniting to a passion and it was all that I wanted to do. I wanted to quit my job for years and years, BUT I knew that my time and my skillset was being developed for a reason. So I would try on a daily basis to find purpose and meaning in my work because I KNEW it was leading me somewhere and I knew all I wanted to do was paint.

I knew that one day I would be here with you – I didn’t fully know HOW I’d get here, but I knew that this goal would happen and I KNEW I had a lot to learn. So I soaked everything I could up about art, art business, planning, contract management, financial forecasting, team allocation, risk management etc. AND IT IS ALL PLAYING OUT RIGHT NOW _ FOR YOU AND I.

It is With this background and my love of art that I’ve been working towards developing a way to speak to artists on how they manage their art, in our business because what’s not readily seen is that you are effectively managing multiple projects you are a project manager an entrepreneur is just not told you in those terms so one of my objectives is to communicate to you how to manage your business based on all the knowledge and all the experiences I’ve learned in the corporate world and brought into my business.

And that's where I'm coming from. So, Last week when you were defining our artist goals and we talked a minute about documenting your obstacles. You know those things that popped that says I’m not good enough there’s a lot of artists are out there that do this, or I don’t know photoshop, or I don’t have a website or I’m not sure how to do a Facebook, I’m not sure what a pixel code is and so on all those negative thoughts – these are your obstacles to your goal.

If you think about the soccer player again, he has his eye on the goal, as he runs forward he has obstacles coming in his way, he has the ability to go around, pass the ball to avoid the obstacle, or plow through the person, and sometimes the soccer player will have a mental block about going left…. the mental blocks are often the most difficult to overcome, these are mindset obstacles.

Alright, so let’s talk about how we can overcome obstacles. In the workbook I asked you to categorize the obstacles as:

  • Mindset,
  • Physical, or
  • Knowledge.

Categorizing the obstacles is an extremely powerful tool because it will cause you to remove the emotion from the obstacle and begin seeing it for what it actually is and as a result options you can take to move past them. And that’s an important point to note: I said move past the obstacle.

Once you have the type of obstacle defined, the next thing to do is develop plans of how to overcome that obstacle. In the Project Management world, we call this Risk Mitigation. So let’s take an example,

Let’s say I have a goal of creating a series of 12 animal paintings to use to create a calendar by October 2021. – the immediate blockers I’ll have are:
1) there are so many calendars already out there
2) I don’t know who I should I use to create the calendars
3) what animals should I paint
4) I need panels for the drawings
5) I don’t have 12 reference images
6) what is going to be so special about my artwork about animals?

And those thoughts occurred faster than I could write! In today’s episode, I’m going to break down 2 of these, for additional examples in the Overcoming Obstacles on Your SMART Goals.
The first obstacle “there are so many calendars already out there”. this can be categorized as a mindset issue because, while this is true, there are also a billion plus people out there AND not everyone wants a kitten calendar – someone is looking for what you have and if you stop now, you’ll never find each other – KEEP going!
The mitigation strategy for obstacle #1: keep your focus on your target audience and that 1 person (name the persona).

Obstacle #2: I don’t know who I should I use to create the calendars.
This is in the category of Knowledge: Mitigation strategy: do the research, Google it, ask people in forums, Post a question to the Positive Painter community.

You see where I’m going with this. The key is; as you walk through these mitigation strategies and solve the issue, another blocker may or may not pop up – if it does, take the same logical approach: write it, categorize it, solve it.

Keep your eye on the goal. Adjust your ball when needed and move that ball down the field towards your goal!!!

Your action for this week is to download the Overcoming Obstacles on Your SMART Goals – link provided within the show notes and write down your mitigation strategies to overcome your obstacles. If you get stuck and are a Positive Painter member, please post your questions in the Positive Painter Art Business forum and the community will be happy to help!

For additional resources to aid your planning, go to the two-part Lunch and Learn where Professional Artist Julie McCullough helps you with Planning Mindfully with Action so you can begin breaking down these goals and your mitigation plans to achieve your goals! Work smarter not harder!

Have questions about your art business or navigating your art business to meet your goals, schedule a discovery call with me Stephanie Weaver to see if Art Business Coaching Sessions are the right fit for you. 

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