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Rachel Harchanko

Rachel Harchanko

Stephanie Weaver

Stephanie Weaver

Jules McCullough

Jules McCullough


A podcast for artists by 3 artists! We discuss all aspects of being an artist - the good, bad, and the ugly. The goal of each podcast is to provide solutions so artists can focus on creativity and rise above.

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I’m so glad you’ll be joining us for Artists Soar Podcast with hosts Stephanie Weaver, Rachel Harchanko, and Jules McCullough. 

During the Podcast recording, we'll collectively discuss an agreed-upon topic. The session will be recorded and made available via the Artists Soar Podcast Platforms including Amazon, Spotify, Apple Podcast, and Youtube via audio files and more.

Schedule Outline: 

10 minutes - Offline meet and greet/prep/mic check.
1 minute - Rachel does an introduction of the topic and guest
5-10 minute - Guest-host introduces themselves and their experience/promotion related to the topic
10 - 30 minutes - We collectively talk about the topic giving the listeners actionable steps
1 minute - Rachel wraps it up. 

Your Responsibilities

  • Please complete the following form.  
    • Brief Bio that we may read for the Introduction.
    • Brief overview of what you’ll cover during the Podcast.
    • Any Social or Web Links you’d like to include in the show notes.
    • Any URLs for products/services that you will be promoting.
    • Promote the podcast episode to your audience.


    Our Responsibilities

    • After we confirm the date and time for the recording, we will provide you with a link via email shortly after confirming the day and time of the Podcast recording.
    • Record, edit and upload the Podcast to Podbean which will also make the podcast available on various outlets.
    • Promote the podcast on our social networks.
    • Provide the guest host with graphics that may be used in promoting the podcast. 
    • Provide the guest host with a release date.

What Happens After You Submit Your Request?

Stephanie, Rachel and Julie will review the submission.  If the topic and tone are a good fit for the Artists Soar Podcast they will be in touch with next steps. 

Please note: If we do not receive this information we will need to reschedule the recording.


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