Price Your Artwork to Make a Living Wage


Figuring out the price to charge is a big challenge for both beginners and experienced artists.

But it doesn't have to be.

Artist and Art Business Coach Stephanie Weaver created The Art Pricing Calculator to provide you a customized price based on:

  • Industry standards,
  • Your experience level,
  • Cost of doing business
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What is the Art Pricing Calculator

In this course and spreadsheet, artist and art business coach Stephanie Weaver shows you:

  • The current formulas that have been pushed for decades and why they were not designed for today's artist who sells art online.
  • How your experience level plays an integral part of the calculation.
  • How to use the Art Pricing Calculator to price your artwork.

With this knowledge, you will gain confidence in the price you are asking.  

How the art pricing calculator helps

Whether you are a beginner or advanced artist, you want to be able to: 

  • easily price your artwork competitively 
  • easily price your artwork to your unique style, timeline, materials, and experience

This is not a cookie-cutter formula. This art pricing calculation is designed for your unique art.  

You Deserve Fabulous Pay for Fabulous Art

Just imagine how wonderful it will feel to know that you are able to:

  • Pay yourself and contribute to your family as a working artist.
  • Answer the potential art buyer's comment "wow that seems high" because you know the worth of your art...
  • Ask with confidence for a price without wavering when you start comparing your art to others' art...
  • Know that your art price should scale based on your mastery of the medium...
  • Determine when you have hit a ceiling limit on the amount you should ask for your art...
  • Price your artwork and know 100% what the wholesale cost would be, the price to ask, and the wiggle room for sales or discounts to help close the deal...

So much is of you is in your art - you've earned the asking price.

About This Course

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Course Contents

The Course is broken down into 4 Primary Units. 

  1. Video Guide: Insiders Guide to Price Your Artwork With An Art Pricing Calculator That Works
  2. eBook: 37 Page eBook about the 3 Common Formulas and the New Formula Designed For Today's Artist 
  3. Quiz:  Determine Your Art Master Level
  4. Article on How to Use the Art Pricing Calculator for Commissions


In addition, you'll receive the following bonuses:

  • Access to the Private Positive Painters Online Artist Community
  • 1 month FREE to the Art Business Membership (valued at $30/mo - filled with valuable templates, course, and tools)

Who is it for?

This course and art pricing calculator is designed for designers, illustrators, photographers, artists, and creative entrepreneurs who want:

  • to make a living wage,
  • sell artwork online, 
  • provide for their family,
  • assess where they are today to plan for tomorrow.

No matter where you are in your art journey, your art should be uniquely priced for your unique abilities. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What you need

To take this course, you need to have:

  • an open mind to accept change,
  • an open mind to disassociate your self-worth from the art and
  • existing artwork ready to price. 
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What people are saying about this course

Julie M.

This is brilliant! It's the first formula that actually makes sense!

I use this now to price all my artwork!

Mary M.

I can't believe I never questioned the square inch formula before...I am blown away at the logic of this.

Kim H.

Stephanie overthinks the heck out of everything and thank goodness! She just saved us all a ton of time and energy!

Laurie S.

I LOVE this!  People are always saying find a niche, and then when you do your are supposed to compare prices to figure out your price - well that just doesn't work!  

This pricing formula removes the whole comparison trap!

LOVE IT! Highly recommend!

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We would never want you to be unhappy! If you find yourself dissatisfied with the Art Pricing Calculator, then I will gladly refund your payment and wish you the best of luck on your future endeavors.  

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I truly want this to be helpful for you, and lead the way to success. However, success is not guaranteed, your sales are not guaranteed. Follow your gut to price your artwork but with a solid understanding of where you reside within the industry experience. I cannot guarantee any particular outcome through your use of this guide and the price calculator tool. 

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