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Meet with this team of talented artists during the group coaching calls.

Jules McCullough

Jules is the founder of Julie M Studios, an illustration, and design brand. Her artwork typically incorporates vibrant, playful colors, and my designs have a modern twist. She loves to blend her hand-painted brushwork and with digital illustrations.

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Eve Staats

Eve is a Graphic Designer, Watercolor Artist, Digital Artist, and a Creative Educator. She is known for her Culturally Fluid Designs that capture the essence of Global Adventure, by reflecting subtle details from the cultures and countries she is currently exploring.

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Stephanie Weaver

Stephanie is the founder of the Positive Painters Online Artist Community and Art Business Membership. She is a licensed artist and is known for her Pet Portraits that capture the sparkle in the beloved animal's eyes.

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About Group Coaching Calls

Every 7 weeks the 3 artists meet with the Members of the Positive Painter Art Business Members in a group setting via Zoom to answer questions and enable artists to drive towards solutions that will enable the members to live the creative life they want to lead.

How does it work?

  • Art Business Members only (one of the many perks of being an Art Business Member)
  • Members and Panelists meet via Zoom.
  • The meeting is recorded for members not able to attend.  The recording is available in the Team area of the Art Business Library.
  • Members may submit topics/questions via the Hot Topic Form.  The form is available in the Art Business Member's Team Area and sent via email.
  • We meet every 7 weeks, 3 weeks following a Lunch and Learn.  (This gives full-time and part-time artists time to implement and contribute knowledge to the Art Business Members.)
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More About Jules McCullough

Hey there!

My name is Jules & I am the founder of Julie M Studios, an illustration, and design brand. My artwork typically incorporates vibrant, playful colors, and my designs have a modern twist. I love to blend my hand-painted brushwork and with digital illustrations.

I often find my way to the ocean and this is reflected in much of my work. As a lover of travel and the ocean, my colorful art pays homage to these two passions. As a seeker of positivity and light, my distinctive personal style emanates joy and peace. Life is good.

Best moment of my life: My wonderful kiddos and swimming with dolphins.

If I could change one thing about myself, it would be: Less structure, more spontaneity

My future goal: Wake up to the sound of the ocean.

Contact: [email protected]

More About Eve Staats

Hey there!

Founder of CreatEVE Design and Desert Dweller Designs.  I'm a Graphic Designer, Surface Designer, Watercolorist, and adventurer creating art on my travels, that is directly inspired by the cultures I'm currently exploring.

I've been a commissioned artist since I was 10 years old and began working in a Graphic Design Agency in my teens. Combine this with 6 month backpacking trip around the globe with my family which included climbing to the 1st Everest base camp, and trekking through the Andes for 2 weeks to Machu Picchu during the reign of the Shining Path (I know! Bandidos!), the foundation to become an artist and adventure seeker were set!

I'm Australian but have been exploring the globe for most of my life and lived in many countries, collecting my favorite parts of the cultures I've explored along the way, and in the most recent years, I've begun sharing them with the world. 

I love to share new cultures through my art, and each artwork or collection has its own story. 

To find out more about these stories and join me on my travels, you can follow me on IG at @createve__design and more about Graphic Design at

In my classes, I hope to inspire artists to either begin creating and keep creating, to foster creativity, and to offer a supportive space to grow as an artist. There are no rules to "real" art. If you are creating you are an artist and I'm glad I get to be a part of your creative community! 

Eve xo

More About Stephanie Weaver

Hey there!

I'm the founder of Positive Painters Online Artist Community and Art Business Membership Program.  I'm a licensed oil painter, pet portrait artist and art business enthusiast! 

I've been a commissioned artist since 2014 when I made the decision to leave the corporate world and become a full-time artist and mom. My strengths are my hyper-ability to organize and overthink the heck out of everything. 

I created this community because I believe artists deserve to get paid for their major contributions to the world and I hope that artists will inspire, motivate and lift each other up like never before.  Because here is the thing:   

We are in a new era, one where we are the dreamers, the makers, and the distributors.  And with a new era comes unchartered territory for many. So we need leaders who have blazed the paths so that others may follow. I expect leaders, dreamers, makers to be in this community.

Individually we are sparks, but together we are fire. 

Join us and become part of the fire that ignites the creative desire and lights the path to the life you want to lead. 

Until next time, stay safe, happy and healthy AND happy creating!

Stephanie Weaver


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