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The Positive PaintersTM

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The Positive Painter Platform provides the information and the community for you to engage on your time. 






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Included with Positive Painters

Come as your schedule allows or watch the replays and interact on when you can.


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SIMPLE.  I decided to be part of the solution instead of being part of the problem. 

I do NOT want to be a Gatekeeper of Information.  I am a provider of information and I have the platform to enable you to self-serve. 

The cost is a little more than a cup of coffee and less than Chick-fil-A (yum!) to keep out the riff-raff. 

Here is a video that explains my why.


Stay Focused With The Positive Painters

The Positive Painters Platform was created as a means for you to:

  • Ask questions and get answers from fellow artists. 
  • Take ad-free classes on your schedule.
  • Stay focused in a closed community (no ads, no trolls, just the love of art and art business).
  • Easily and frequently connect with artists that you can learn from and help you strategize. 
  • Gain insights into what other artists are doing.
  • Establish boundaries between your art and life (Facebook is family and friends, this is all art with art friends).
  • Communicate with artists around the world.
  • Participate in challenges when you can.
  • Learn and ask questions about art software, websites, marketing, and more!

Art and life never stop, but you can establish a boundary to help stay focused. 

Be A Positive Painter Only $7/mo
Join the online artist community designed to help you thrive!

Courses & Resources Included With Positive Painters

Planning For Creatives

  • Goal Setting
  • Defining Subgoals and Tasks
  • Templates, Tools and Workbooks

Everything You Need to Know BEFORE You Start An Etsy Shop

  •  Setup Shop Prep Workbook
  • Shop Configurations Keyword Research 
  • Create Product Mockups and more

Email Marketing For Artists

  • Plan your email newsletter content
  • Identify what content to provide
  • Build up credibility.

5 Must Do Legal Tasks For Artists

  • 5 Legal Tasks To Protect Your Creative Business

Google Analytics For Artists

  • Create Google Analytics Account and UA Code
  • What, Why, and How to Analyze Your Data
  • Where to Find Trends
  • And more

Art Pricing Formula

  • Art Pricing Workbook
  • Art Mastery Level Quiz

Art Inventory Management

  • Art Inventory Database
  • Why Keep Art Inventory
  • Database Walkthrough

Budgeting For Artists

  • What and Why of Budgeting
  • eBook and Workbook
  • Budget Bingo
  • And More 

Target Marketing For Artists

  • Identify your niche market
  • Define product descriptions
  • Identify where to promote
  • Marketing tool overview
  • And More

How To Be Your Own Licensing Agent

  • Demystify what art licensing is and isn't
  • Juliet Meek's experience being her own agent

What You Need For An Artist Website

  • Identify what you need to:
    • Create a website,
    • Sell or showcase your art
    • Get the right components to create your website.

Social Media Overview

  • Gain insights into
    • Pinterest,
    • Instagram,
    • Facebook
    • and LinkedIn.

Exclusive Interview With Gooten: Print On Demand

  • Interview with Gooten Executives about Print On Demand

Holiday Promotion and Planning Guide For Artists

  • Holiday Art Sales Planning Guide and Checklist
  • Email Templates
  • Swipe Files

Create More Time In Your Studio

  • Gain More Time To Create
  • Optimize Your Time 
  • Create Your Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Task Lists

Legal Checklist For Your Goals

  • Define the Legal Steps for YOUR Goals
  • Legal Aspects of Affiliates, LLC, Email Compliance and More
  • Optimize Your Time

Refine & Align Art Business Processes

  • What, Why And How To Create Operating Procedures
  • Template for Standard Operating Procedures for Artists
  • Examples of Shopify Standard Operating Procedure
  • Master SOP Dashboard Template


I love that I can access the members-only courses from my iPad and iPhone (so much nicer and positive than wasting time on Social Media!)



She’s knowledgeable and supportive of her students’ creativity. 



This membership provides quality videos that show different art techniques, and art business considerations and the monthly art motivations are so fun! 

~ Rachel

100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

risk-free creativity and exploration

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you find yourself dissatisfied with the Positive Painter or the value we provide, we will gladly refund your payment and wish you the best of luck on your future endeavors.

Be Part Of The Solution! Only $7/mo

FAQs About Positive Painters

Is Positive Painters just for Painters or can any Artist join?

We welcome any and all creatives or artists.  Regardless of whether the art is 2D or 3D, digital or hand-created, if you want to build a creative business doing what you love, then you are in the right place.

Do you send me the content?

All of the content is inside your "Library".  

In addition, I will also send out 'announcements' as new products/courses/enhancements/meetups so can access the information when you have time.

 What if I need to change my payment method?

You can easily manage your payment method when you log in to your account. 

 Do I need to be tech-savvy?

Nope.  The Positive Painter Classes and Community are accessed the same way you would on any other online platform; with an email and password.  There is also a mobile version for your phone or tablet to access the community (Kajabi Communities) and courses (Kajabi).  Note: Kajabi is the platform Positive Painters uses to keep your data private (this is not a community that is involved with Facebook, Discord, and so on - this is a private community).

 Is Positive Painters a course?

No this isn't a course.  This is much more comprehensive than a single course.  Positive Painters has 2 primary components: Education and Community. The content is provided for you to self-serve on your time and is available to you while you remain in good standing as a Positive Painter. Good standing means, you are abiding by the Terms and Conditions and your monthly payments are current.

 Do I have to do things each month?

The amount that you engage within the Positive Painters is up to you.  I, Stephanie Weaver, am not responsible for you and whether you take action.  I've provided fabulous information and I encourage communication within the community.  Your participation is within your control for you to serve yourself.

How easy is the membership site to use?

It's like anything else, it takes a minute to figure out where things are, but there are helpful videos provided in the Community and Library.  In addition, you'll receive orientation emails to help you get the most of out of Positive Painters quickly. 

How do I get my questions answered?

Ask them in the Community. 

If you can attend the Creative's Chat calls, you can ask them then for live interactions.  

How do I access my content?

You will be sent your own personal login details. Once you have your login details, keep those in a safe spot, and you'll log in to using the "Login" option in the upper right.  Once you are logged in you can go to "My Library" and all of the content will be accessible. 

How easy is it to cancel if I'm not using it?

You can cancel any time from within the Positive Painters, by going to your profile, billing, and clicking cancel.

On a mission to help the next generation of artists!

Hey, I'm Stephanie Weaver

  I’ve been driven by an insatiable desire to be part of something great my entire life and YOU are what makes this life great!

In 2014, I broke away from corporate life and became a professional artist. I struggled for years to find a path, to find a community of artists who were goal-oriented, and focused on growing their skills and their business.

After a LOT of disappointments, the problem finally it dawned on me. There is a reason so many artists don’t succeed, it has nothing to do with their ability and everything to do with the people they surround themselves with and the art business processes they need!

My focus and my desire are to do what has made me a successful leader in business – lead others to success. It is through the Online Artist Community and Art Business Courses, The Positive Painters TM, that I envision us sharing experiences, sharing our art, and removing the tribal stigma of “artists are loners”.

Together we can create art and art businesses that will stand apart and rise up.

If you are passionate about creating, your art business, and believe that supporting others is integral to your growth, then you have found your tribe.

I look forward to meeting you! 

Until next time, stay safe, happy, and healthy, AND happy creating!

Stephanie Weaver

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Finally An Affordable Solution To Self-Serve.

No 'coach' can make you do the work, so stop overpaying! 

Here you have the choice to complete what you can when you can based on your life!

Choose how you'd like to pay for on-demand access to Art Business Courses and an Artist Community. 











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Art & Art Business Articles

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Artists Soar Podcast

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Art and Art Business Videos

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